Price Increase

Hi everyone, unfortunately due to such an increase in supply cost I have had to slightly up the prices of my pottery :(


Can I do pre-orders or Customs?

No, I no longer do pre-orders or custom mugs. I have found doing these orders took a lot of time away from me being able to make pottery when I can for my website and practise improving on my skills. Also the time with testing clay and glazes and trying to make sure the products match what what the customer asked turned out to be a lot more work than I am able to complete at this time. 


Are the glazes food safe?

Yes, all glazes on our pottery are food safe unless specified otherwise.


Are they dishwasher safe and microwave safe?

They are absolutely, but if you are concerned about getting any damage to your pottery its always best to hand wash your items.

CERAMICS are vulnerable to thermal shock so be aware of temperature changes from cold to hot, warm mug a bit if its cold before putting hot water in and vice versa.



Yes we accept returns if you are not completely satisfied with your order, contact us with any issues or concerns as within a few days of receiving your order.

All return shipping fees are at the customers expense.

Where do you ship?


We are able to ship worldwide.

All items are handmade individually and will differ from one another, we try our best to get as much likeness as possible with our photos to the actual pottery but items may differ slightly in person. 

All mugs fluid oz measure to the rim of each mug/cup.